Seven Hungry Babies

Seven Hungry Babies

by Candace Fleming

Seven bitty baby birds are hungry, hungry, hungry—and they’re letting Mama know. “Feed us! Feed us!” the little ones chant, and Mama calms them as only a mother can—before she frantically flies away to gather more delectable worms. Readers can count with Mama Bird as she zooms back and forth across the pages, going from seven hungry babies to none…until one by one the babies wake up again…hungry!

This is one of my favorite books! Along with Old Bear and Little Cub, it ranks pretty high on my so cute book list! Is it because I have seven sweet little ones myself?…Maybe.

Anyway I think all mamas can relate to hungry babies! It takes you an hour to cook a 4 course meal that gets devoured in 5 mintues. Then those little stinkers are hungry AGAIN before you can even get the kitchen clean!

Check out this adorable hungry baby bird craft from Cute and Peculiar. Such a cute idea and your little ones can eat the snack when they are done!

Seven Hungry Babies

Nothing beats going outside and looking for birds and studying them in there environment! We have journals that we draw/sketch  in and write about what we found. ( It is so much fun to look back on those precious journals and see the creativity and cuteness that flowed through those cheeto covered pages! We worked on lots of bird projects and had a few other books involved also. Here are a lot of activities we did and some that I am saving for another set of bird books and studies.

Backyard Birds Lap N Note

Two Little Hands Productions – Bird in sign language

TPT – Bird Tree Map & Bird Match up and Memory

Grandparents Plus – Easy Bird Art for Kids

Knowledge Box Central – Birds of Prey & Woodpecker Lapbooks

I drew a huge branch on a posterboard and the kiddos finger painted a few of the birds we have seen in our backyard. The branch was blue….(requested by my 6 year old). Of course my 8 year old wanted it rainbow colors. But we decided after much debate between the two, that we would stick to the story. But don’t worry her journal is filled with pretty rainbow colored birds!

Seven Hungry Babies

Follow my Birds Pinterest board for more ideas!

After reading this sweet book, my daughter wanted to help all the mama birds by giving them something to eat for there babies. Well that meant making a bird feeder or two! So on to Pinterest I went! I found all kinds and cheap to!


I did a spring post to showcase some sweet baby birds that were in a nest in our porch light.

Check out this baby bird picture!

Monthly Activities & Unit Studies

Isn’t that just amazing? My kids kept checking on them till they started flying out. It was pretty neat! Noisy, but neat!

We made bird’s nest’s by wrapping a whole bunch of sticks together and holding them with twine and some burlap pieces.They were so cute! In this story the babies nest is blue and really pretty, so we spray painted ours and my girl’s were so proud of them!

Check out more great deals I found from Teachers Pay Teachers!

All About Birds

All About Birds

Currently $5.50!

This Birds unit is perfect for teaching your little ones about birds!

Birds Cootie Catchers

Cootie catchers

Currently $2.55

Birds: Birds Cootie Catchers/ Fortune Tellers: These cootie catchers on birds are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the different types birds.

What is it with kids and cootie catchers?

Here are some more great books by Candace Fleming.

Tippy-Tippy-Tippy, Hide


Bulldozer’s Big Day


We also read Amelia Lost:The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart by Candace Fleming in my daughter’s Women of History lessons!

Do you have a favorite Candace Fleming book?

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