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Sensory Bins are wonderful hands on tools for children! We have been using them for years.  They can be used for any activity, any theme, any holiday. It also does not cost hardly anything!! We have used measuring cups, stirring spoons, strainer, small pitchers, cupcake pans,…..oh my, I could go on and on. But the most important tool might be your children’s hands!

Read more here: 5 Things You Need to Know About Sensory Bins

Here is a great big list of ALL kinds of Sensory Bin Ideas and more! We have done most of these and what we haven’t tried we will get to. I always attach a sensory holiday themed bin to our monthly activities . Go ahead, get your hands ready and dive in!


No Time for Flash Cards – Star Color Matching & Sensory Tub

My Life of Travels and Adventures has a great circle sensory bin plus lots of other ideas I have used.

Lemon Lime Adventures – Circles Toddler Bin

Shapes Sorting

I Can Teach My Child – Snowy Shape Hunt

I got a set of these adorable Handy Scoopers at a yard sale for $1.00!! Yes I can’t believe it either…. Anyway my kids love using these just as much as a pair of tongs!


We have some kids garden tools that are similiar to these. The kids love to use them. I have a couple of little bins we use and a couple of bigger bins. I have a table or two also. Like I said we love sensory bins and have been doing these for years! You only need a plastic tub and some imagination. I haven’t seen a bin that a kiddo didn’t like digging their hands into!



Enchanted Homeschooling Mom – Monsters Love Colors Sensory Bin…. I loved her idea of taping down a huge piece of paper on the floor, with this bin!

And Next Comes L – Color Sensory Bins: Green

Fantastic Fun and Learning – Four Yarn Sensory Bins

Color Games Sensory Bins…(I use baby wipe containers as mini bins also!!)

I’ve heard alot of people using these. Jelly Water Beads in their bins, but I have not used them yet. Have you? How did it go? (Update: We have tried them now and they are fun! Why did I wait so long?)

Check out What are Water Beads? by Playdough & Popsicles



Mess for Less – Word Games Sensory Word Hunt

I used I Can Teach my Child‘s – Invisible Letters & added them to quite a few different bins I’ve done.

Royal Baloo – ABC’s of Sensory Bins

Tiny Tots Adventures – Alphabet Bottle Cap Sensory

Letter Hunt Sensory Bin

 A Little Pinch of Perfect – Find & Match Letters: Sensory Bin & Muffin

Check out more Sensory Bin Ideas & Themes! This list is ever growing!

Dabbling Mama – Find Your Name Black Bean

I Can Teach My Child – Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Sensory…Gotta love playing in the spaghetti!

3 Dinosaurs – Easy Sensory Bin with Seasonal Erasers

Mama of Many Blessings – African Sensory Bin

Life Over C’s – Popcorn Sensory Bin & Sparkle Garden Sensory Bin for Preschoolers & Frog & Pond Habitat Sensory Bin & more!

How to make Colored Rice!

How to Dye Corn Kernels

How to Dye Pasta

There’s more to rice fillers!! Try filling your bins with other things. We’ve done sand, fish rocks,shells, beads, marbles, easter grass, feathers, dirt, paperclips, lego’s, popcorn, jellybeans, water, leaves, goldfish crackers, cheerios, etc. The list goes on and on.

Check out Little Bins for Little Hands – Non Food Sensory Bin Fillers

Be cautious with anything you use in your Sensory Bins! We want these bins to engage their minds, not there mouths! Don’t be afraid of a little mess on the floor. This is soooo wonderful for little hands & minds!

Follow my Sensory Bin board for more ideas!

Read some Books!


Sharla Kostelyk – Sensory Bins The What The How The Why


Asia Citro – 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

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 For those of you new to Sensory Play, please check out all the ideas that have been shared below! Come back often for more ideas even for the holidays!

Do you have an idea for a bin? I would love love love it if you would share!!

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